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6 Tips For Kickass Instagram Pictures

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If there’s anything I love as much as reading, it is Instagramming — I admit it! I just love filling my feed with picture after picture of whatever catches my fancy. With all its seriously cool filters and latest option of allowing you to save drafts, Instagram has to be the coolest thing to have happened to us internauts.

Every so often, when I’m going through my Instagram feed, I come across pictures that are the bomb! So perfectly composed, such lovely, vivid colours, such precision. If you have mild OCD, these pictures are what you’ve been dreaming of. I often wonder HOW these people manage to take such amazing photos. Our smartphone cameras are as good as any, so why can’t we achieve those stellar results too?

Truth is, we can! I have looked everywhere I can to bring you some handy #HauteTips on how to click the perfect Instagram picture. Ready to become ‘shutterbug extraordinaire’? Read on!


Thx god. 最後幾個機位順利回到香港 #breakfastinbed #greentea #breakfast #matcha #enjoylife #slowlife

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1. Use Natural Light

The worst thing you can do when clicking a picture is using artificial home lights. Why click something indoors when you have the bright and blazing sun right outside? So, if you want to click a picture of your breakfast bowl, for example, take it to the window sill and shoot it in the warm glow of the sunshine. Result? A super awesome picture.


2. Spot Shapes & Lines

Don’t just aim your camera anywhere and start shooting! Observation is key if you want a great picture. If you’re looking at shooting a building that caught your fancy, follow its silhouette, sharp lines and angles. Then, frame the shot so as to capture the same. That’s it — you will have a clean, breathtaking picture to post on your feed!


3. Play With Backlight

Backlighting is the most underrated technique, ever! If you want to take a sultry and mysterious photo, either of yourself or someone else, don’t shy away from backlighting. When the light falls from behind your subject, it’ll elevate your picture and make it even more interesting.


4. Use Props

Maybe you just bought a new pair of shoes and want to show it off on Instagram. Or perhaps, you just bought some delicious cookies and want to give your friends a serious case of FOMO. Style those photos well. Use props to make the picture look sassy and chic. Scattering a couple of bright petals around your new white shoes or some pretty ear-rings to match your new slip dress are good options. Don’t be stingy with the props, but don’t go overboard either.


#romanticroad #colourfulcity #discoveringnewplaces #bavaria #weekendroadtrip #travelinspiration

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5. Look For Bold Colours

Black and white pictures can be very appealing, transporting you to the film noir era. However, including unexpected pops of colour can take your picture to a whole new level. Keep your eyes open for some lovely shades that you can click and add to your feed in an instant. They really do make for gorgeous images.


We were born to be real, not to be perfect ?

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6. Use VSCO Cam

Here’s a secret. Pictures that look professionally shot aren’t necessarily that. Tons of people use VSCO Cam to make their pictures look super cool. Available for Android and iOS, this app’s huge collection of filters will transform your simple picture into a superbly edited one. Try it out for yourself!


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