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This Silica Gel Hack Is Unbelievably Effective!

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Find me one person who knows what silica gel bags are useful for and I’ll be shocked. I’m sure you’ve all wondered exactly what purpose they serve every time you spot one of these little things inside new handbags or shoes. And they always come with “do not consume” warnings on the top. As if!

Surprisingly (or not), silica gel bags are very, very useful. They contain silicon dioxide, which basically helps to keep moisture at bay and protect your shoes and bags from getting mouldy or bacteria from growing. However, they make for a great tech hack too, and we bet you didn’t know about this.

For instance, when you’ve got some water inside your smartphone. While your heart rate increases at the thought of the potential damage, give your mind some rest and dump your phone in a jar full of these silica gel bags instead. The silicon dioxide will dry out all the moisture better than anything else. You know how everyone keeps saying put your wet phone in rice? Na-uh! Use silica gel bags instead and you’ll thank us for it later!

Don’t believe us? Watch this video below for some really cool uses of silica gel bags!


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