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#AskHauterfly: How To Undergo A Digital Detox

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Living in this day and age, we’re all so hooked onto our phones that we don’t make time for the things happening around us. We’re so hell-bent on capturing memories and telling the world about it that we’re slowly forgetting to live in the moment and make memories with the people who matter. Not to mention how badly we try to fit in to what pop culture thinks is cool. With easy passing day, we’re getting so addicted to social media that we’re stuck to our phones even when we’re out socialising with our BFFs. We’ve stopped living a life just to maintain our social presence. And that is so not cool.

Being too obsessed with your smartphone and everything you use it for is beyond unhealthy and that’s not just for your relationship with people and yourself. It’s good to think for yourself and have an opinion of your own, for which you need time to think. Being stuck to Facebook isn’t exactly giving you the space or time to think without getting influenced by a thousand other opinions. An overdose of social media can be highly unproductive besides being horribly unhealthy.

And you know it’s time for you to pause and think about what you’re up to when the first and the last thing you do every day is check your social media, besides taking your phone to the loo and sleeping with it right by your side. Seriously, what are we doing!

IMO, a digital detox is the need of the hour and I found the perfect plan that will make this easier for you. Just try this week long detox and see how much of a difference it makes to the quality of the life you’re living. Soon you’ll be saying hello to the life you’ve been ignoring for so long, girls!



The key is to take one day at a time and not get overwhelmed. So take it slow! Just delete the apps from your phone that you don’t use. Unfollow people from your social media who you don’t talk to and unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters.



All you need to do is turn off all the push notifications that you’ve had on. All those brands and beauty blogger account notifications, turn them off!



Usually, you’d check your phone first thing every morning. Resist the urge to do that. Try not to open Twitter or any of your other social media accounts first thing in the morning.



When you’re charging your phone, make sure you’re charging it in a room which is away from you. It’ll be tough, but you got to do it, ladies. Today, try to not use your phone an hour before bed. Just an hour, it’s no big deal!



Go for dinner to a fun place with your girl gang or the boyfriend and leave your phone back at home. Come on, you can do this! If people need to get in touch with you, ask them to call on your friends’ or boyfriend’s phone if it’s urgent.



It’s the weekend which makes it the perfect day to spend time with yourself doing things you love. Don’t look at your phone all day and don’t post anything on your social media. Try going without your phone for one day. Just give it a shot!



Take the day off to do what you like, spend it with your friends or family or do just what makes you happy. Read a book, grab some ice cream and watch your favourite movie or the new one playing on the screen. Turn off your smartphone for the entire day today.


As difficult as this may sound to you, it’s needed and you know it too. Take up this challenge for yourself and let me know in the comments how it works for you!


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