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Say ‘Allo’ To Google’s New Smart Messaging App!

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Tired of using the same ol’, boring apps? Keep up with the hottest new app launches and rediscover old favourites with Appturday! Appturday’s a weekly post from our Social Media Editor where she rants, raves, and shares the apps she’s currently into.

There’s nothing I hate more than making ‘small talk’ but there’s no way of avoiding it, is there? The usual ‘Hey, whats up? – nothing much- whats up with you?’ routine gets on my nerves every time someone pings me on an instant messenger. But thank god (read Google) for introducing ‘Allo’ — it’s a real blessing. I can be happily engrossed in a book, avoiding the world, and a single tap on the screen will do all the talking for me! This magical app makes conversations so much easier, as Google prompts responses, and all I need is to do is select an option that sounds most like ‘me’!

What I absolutely love about the app is its ‘Google Assistant’ feature. My movie plans can be made in a jiffy with Allo — not only does it give me show timings in my vicinity but it even books tickets for me! *Blissful sigh* It’s like having my very own man-Friday!

Though on the flip side of the coin, Allo keeps an eye on all my personal conversations and interrupts with suggestions even when I am trying to have a serious conversation. This actually got me thinking about how much help I actually need and wouldn’t this also make my conversations superficial? Well, you’ll have to choose wisely, I suppose. When having a meaningful conversation, avoid this app but the next time your BFF spams your with a million selfies in pretty much the same pose (read: pout), get Allo to compliment her generously and keep her happy!

Oh, and before the entire Allo v/s Siri war starts, do take a look at Allo’s kickass sense of humour!


Google's Messaging App Allo_Hauterfly

Download it here for Android and here for iOS.


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