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Google’s New App Allows You To Scan Photos

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This week, the tech world has been busy — what with the launch of the Apple coffee table book and Whatsapp’s new video calling feature. In times like these, how can Google stay behind, right? Enter the new app by the company, Photo Scan, that scans photos without compromising on its quality. With everything going digital, this isn’t really a surprise, and there are other apps that perform the same function, so what’s so special about this one? Well, the answer is that it’s by Google.

It is pretty simple to use it. Open the app, allow access to use the camera, and click the picture. You will see 4 circles on your screen that help you get the perfect image. And there, you’re done! So take out all those old photos from school or your parents’ embarrassing childhood pictures and share it with the world, without the annoying camera glare.




Apart from this, Photo Scan also has options to edit your photos. You can adjust the brightness and saturation levels, trim the edges, sharpen it, and so on. Play around with the 12 looks to style your photos according to the colour that you want. In order to do this, tap on the pencil-looking tool, and roll! Bye-bye editing apps and hello, storage space. You can instantly share and upload your photos, or store them in Google photos.

Get the app on iOS and Android for free.


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