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6 Things To Do When Your Laptop Screen Freezes!

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Picture this: you’re busy working on your laptop, your fingers tapping away furiously at the keys and, all of a sudden, the screen freezes! The cursor stops moving and nothing happens, no matter how many keys you press. Frustrating, right? There is nothing quite like a frozen laptop that kills your work vibe in an instant!

But, of course, there are legit reasons this is happening. It could be a device driver or a hardware issue, or the result of any of the multiple programs that you’ve been accessing. Whatever it may be, there’s no denying the fact that a frozen laptop screen makes you want to slump across the desk or vent out your frustration by jabbing at the keys! However, don’t resort to any of that the next time this happens. As always, we’re here with some handy tips. So scroll on to read about 6 things you should do the next time your laptop screen freezes.

1. Use The Task Manager

You can always resort to good old Ctrl+Alt+Del. If that doesn’t work, try Ctrl+Shift+Esc. With the help of this, you can shut down your programs, any of which might have caused the screen to freeze.

2. Check Your Laptop’s Temperature

Often, an overheated laptop may be the reason for a frozen screen. Run your hands across the bottom of your laptop. If it feels way too hot, make sure you remove anything that might be obstructing air-flow. An overheated laptop can cause a ton of problems, a frozen screen being one of them. To avoid this, keep your laptop’s vents unobstructed at all times.

3. Disconnect Other Devices

Your phone, pen-drive, and the printer are all connected to your laptop as you work, right? Well, multi-tasking might be the new cool but it isn’t for your laptop! So much happening together becomes too much for your laptop, especially an old one, to take. So make sure you disconnect all external devices the next time your screen freezes.

4. Give It A Breather

It’s natural to start clicking away or jabbing away at the keys when the screen freezes. But try not to do that. Be a little patient. Get up from your seat, run an errand, and then come back. Sometimes, all your laptop needs is a bit of time to get back to normal.

5. Plug In The Charger

It so happens that sometimes, we’re so caught up working on our laptops, that we fail to acknowledge the low-battery signs. Sometimes, a laptop with low-battery power, freezes up. I’ve often experienced that plugging in your charger can lead to the device to run perfectly fine in no time.

6. Shut Down

Obviously, you cannot use commands at a time like this. So, you may have to force the laptop to shut down. Hold down on the power button until your laptop shuts down. Give it some time and, after a while, turn it back on. It’ll work.


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