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10 Crushworthy iPhone Wallpapers That Are FREE!

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With iPhones now literally becoming extensions of our hands, we’d all like to keep them shiny and pretty. And what better way to prettify your phone than by trussing it up with some adorable wallpapers? Who says you have to stick to the boring in-built ones? We all grow tired of those after a point.

But thanks to this really cool website that we found, you can now be greeted by a wallpaper that you’ll NEVER want to change! We mean it. What’s more, you don’t even have to pay an atrocious price for these wallpapers. Thanks to, downloading wallpapers for your iPhone wasn’t more fun. Plus they’re free and downright gorgeous!

So we’ve gone ahead and handpicked 10 of the most adorable iPhone wallpapers from the site, and we promise they’ll have you staring at your phone screens for a little longer than usual!


OMG inpost

This one’s for the drama queen in all of us.

iphone wallpaper in-post

This wallpaper reminds you to be positive. You’re going to run the show this year, you know!

Hearts wallpaper inpost

Cute little red hearts spread out all over your screen? What’s not to love?

Fries Before Guys inpost



This one reminds you to hang in there. Every day has something bright in store for you.

Chill Pills inpost

This one can serve to remind all the stress-takers to calm down and take a breather for once!


I am SO in love with this summery wallpaper!

Quotes wallpaper in post

Your dose of motivation for a morose Monday.

Vacation Wallpaper inpost

YES! Soon.

Mermaids inpost

Yes, we’re all mermaids. Always remember that.


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