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Save Vs Splurge: Get Ready To Get Fit!

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I am pretty sure that in these past 5 days, we have all encountered at least one person who has vowed to get fit this year. And if that’s you…well hello, join the gang. Motivation quotes, water alarms, jogging shoes, oatmeal breakfast, and what not have been added to your daily life, just so that you lose those extra inches. But, to foolproof that plan and make sure you stick to your healthy regime, you need a fitness gadget, one that tracks your activity, any activity, if you please. They are easy to carry, are lightweight, portable, and just like a watch. More than anything, they have become quite the trend lately, so┬áif you’re planning to buy something this January, it has to be this gadget.


Fitbit has taken over the fitness arena and washed out practically every other brand in the market. It has a range of fitness trackers and you can choose whichever one suits you best. One of our favourites is the Fitbit Charge — just so much packed in one. With an OLED display, the screen is easily readable and shows you the time, daily stats, exercise mode, and much more. It counts your daily steps, distance travelled, stairs climbed, calories burned, and basically any and every activity you do will be recorded. That includes your sleep. So, track your sleep and wake up with an alarm that is attached to your wrist. Get call notifications straight to the tracker, as this gadget is compatible with pretty much any smartphone.


Though there are cheaper versions of Fitbit, Xiomi’s Band 2 is a pretty damn good replica of this one, and hell of a lot cheaper. It monitors your activity and sleep, just as the Fitbit does, and also includes a Bluetooth feature. Waterproof and made of aluminium, the battery lasts you up to 20 days. Say bye-bye to the excuse that your tracker is out of battery! Okay, agreed, the Fitbit looks much better, but come on, isn’t black bae?


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