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5 Tricks To Increase Internet Speed On Your Phone

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What’s the one thing we keep whining about? Yes, faster internet! Well, at least I do. It’s seriously annoying to sit there patiently while your phone puffs and wheezes, taking its own sweet time to load a page. I mean, how difficult is it to show me an entire page without taking a half hour, phone?

Okay, I can’t really blame my phone for this. I know. It’s the internet connection and those dratted towers that are at fault! Nonetheless, it can get difficult to survive in today’s day and age with a slow internet connection. You need to access the internet constantly, don’t you? It could be finding the answer to a question, reading blogs, pinning stuff for future reference…anything! The internet is literally our be all and end all.

Keeping that in mind, I have fished out my fictitious monocle, looking for ways to speed up your phone’s internet connection. And I found some pretty nifty hacks that’ll help. Read on to find out.

1.  Check Your Phone’s Software

Whether yours is an Android or an iOS device, you need to know that there are constant upgrades. Keep yourselves updated with these! Some of the changes that come with a software update can help improve your phone’s network performance.

2. Try Wi-fi And Cellular

Don’t just stick to one option. Sometimes, your phone’s internet will work better through your cellular data network. At others, it works heaps better through a Wi-Fi connection. So keep switching between both. Once you find out which option works better, you can stick to it. But if it’s your Wi-Fi that’s giving you trouble, learn how to fix that here. 

3. Use Airplane Mode

Re-set your phone’s network connection by putting the airplane mode on and then putting it off after a couple of seconds. Sometimes, your phone gets stuck in poor connection with a cell tower that is optimized for older phones with slow data speed. By turning your airplane mode off and then on again, your phone can discover other better towers and can connect with those.

4. Turn Off Background Apps

The applications running in the background slow down your internet speed, even if you aren’t using them. This happens in the form of notifications, data updates, and more. Limit your phone’s background app activity by doing the following. Android users can go to Settings→ Restrict Background Data. iOS users can go to Settings → Background App Refresh and turn it off.

5. Change Your Carrier

Think of this as your last resort. But certain carriers’ internet loads better than others. So do your research, speak to your friends or family using different carriers. If you think that another carrier is better than your current one, and provides better and faster speed, you can start off on the process of changing your carrier.


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