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Messenger’s New Feature Will Keep Your Secrets Safe!

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The one concern most of us have while using social media is privacy. The lines of public and private viewing are already quite blurry in the digital age, but companies like Whatsapp have provided some relief by introducing end-to-end encryption of messages that prevent third parties from accessing your private data. Another tech giant to join the ranks now is Facebook.

The company recently announced that it is testing a new feature called Secret Conversations, which will allow users to keep their messages secret. They will not only be encrypted but also locked, and only the senders and receivers of the messages will be able to unlock it. Yep, even Facebook will not have access to this data!

When launched worldwide, the Secret Conversations feature will not be turned on by default. Users will have to manually choose the option. What’s more, Messenger will adopt Snapchat’s gimmick of self-destructive messages, meaning users will be able to set a timer within the secret conversation to decide how long the messages will remain visible. Pretty cool, eh?


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