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Facebook Gets A ‘Dislike’ Button But It’s Not What You Think

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There have been so many rumours for so long that social media giant Facebook will be introducing a dislike button along with a few other reactions. And while the company has always said that they don’t want to promote any negative emotions just yet, they are now testing the much-awaited thumbs down option — but only on messenger.

So now, your chats on FB messenger will have the same reactions that your timeline has with the addition of the thumbs down icon. More of a ‘not liking’  feature, the company wants us to see it as a new way of saying ‘no’. If you’re making plans or conversing on a group chat, it is just easier to use these reactions instead of typing out the whole sentence. Yes, dumping someone just got meaner or simpler — your choice.

This feature is still being tested out and will be available for all within the next few days.


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