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Now You Can Plan Your Summer Vacation Entirely On Google!

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There are a zillion cool apps today that help make the process of planning a vacation really simple. Right from comparing cheap flight tickets to booking hotels or even checking the weather, there’s an app for all of them. However, it can be overwhelming to sort through so much information and switch between multiple apps to find what you need.

Enter Destinations. The good folks over at Google have a solution for pretty much everything, and now they’ve got one for all your travel needs too. Launched yesterday, the cool new Destinations feature allows you to plan your entire trip inside Google Search! All you have to do is open your smartphone’s browser and type the name of a city or country followed by the word “destination” — eg: Barcelona destination — and Google will throw up a neatly organised grid of very specific travel information. All of this info is superbly curated, neatly organised, and also shows you booking options all in one place.



Courtesy: Google


The feature helps you discover things to do in your destination of choice, along with giving you approximate flight costs, various itineraries to choose from, as well as information on the weather, the best time to visit, etc. Just choose a continent, country or state of your choice and Google will do the rest for you. It’s literally that simple. You can also search for hotel and flight bookings, pick the dates, the number of people travelling, as well as your budget. Feed this info into Destinations and Google works like your very own personal travel agency to give you all the details you could possibly need!

“Google sorts through billions of flight and hotel options so you don’t have to,” the company said about Destinations. “See average flights and hotel prices at a glance across many cities; tap into a destination and get the best options for your needs and budget.” And the best thing is it’s not an app. You just need a browser on your smartphone to use Google Search.



Courtesy: Google


Google also keeps you updated with peak tourist times through the year for the destination you have in mind, which helps you figure when you should be visiting a particular place. So say buh-bye to crowded destinations and go somewhere where you won’t accidently bump into a zillion people (like Mt. Titlis in Switzerland).

Destinations also works wonders when you’re not sure how to go about planning a trip and can’t decide which places you should be covering on the go. Besides suggested itineraries, Google also helps you narrow your search to activities you’d be interested in. Did we mention that these itineraries can be broken down day by day depending on how much time you have and the activities you’d like to do? Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.

While you’re at it, check this video to understand how Google Destinations works:


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