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The Clue App Will Help You Keep Track Of Aunty Flo!

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I cannot stress enough the importance of staying aware of your periods, ladies! You see, your monthly pain in the tummy is a key indicator of your overall health. The minute you start veering off schedule and missing your monthly menses is the minute you need to visit your doctor.

Here’s the thing, I’m hella forgetful and I’m sure a lot of you busy ladies have better things to remember! That’s where the Clue app comes to our rescue to help you track not only your period cycle, but your symptoms and moods too! Trust me girls, this app is different from all the other patronising flower, butterfly, and pink BS. The logo is vague, at best, so you can happily hand over your phone to your male friends without things getting awkward.

What makes the Clue app better than the rest, IMHO, is the interface. You start by inputting your period length, PMS, cycle length, height, weight, age, and a bunch of other details. All of this will help you figure out not only your period cycle and the time you’re most fertile, but also whether you’re likely to be prone to mood swings, why you only break out during certain times of the month, and lots more. You can easily add someone to see your cycle, so no more awkwardly staring at your calendar at the gynac’s! Or perhaps you can share your calendar with your partner so you know when you’re at peak fertility. P.S: You need to be on the app for at least one cycle to get a cycle report and analysis, but all other features work from the get go.

Available for iOS and Android.


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