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#Appturday: This App Is A Super Addictive Stressbuster

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Tired of using the same ol’, boring apps? Keep up with the hottest new app launches and rediscover old favourites with Appturday! Appturday’s, a weekly post from our Social Media Editor where she rants, raves and shares the apps she’s currently into! Today we’re talking about Chicken Scream!

I don’t usually start my #Appturday stories with a disclaimer, but I must warn you, Chicken Scream is the most annoying, addictive, and life-consuming game you can play.

If you’ve got an addictive personality and enjoy screaming at inanimate things, you’ll definitely be hooked onto the Chicken Scream app.

Yup, that’s pretty much the premise of Chicken Scream, an arcade game where you have to talk, scream, or even sing in order to help your chicken cross a series of obstacles that increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels (obviously!).

What makes the game difficult is that your chicken’s motion is wholly dependent on the volume of your voice and your commands, which is not easy to control once you get excited.

The good thing about the app is that it’s an absolutely amazing way to beat stress at the end of a frustrating day.

It definitely won’t replace my meditation and mental health apps, but honestly, who knew yelling at an animated chicken could be so therapeutic?

As much as this game is a mood enhancer, I have to say that it definitely has a few downfalls. My absolute pet peeve has to be the fact that the app features so many damn ads — I mean, could this app be more monetised?

Also, I would suggest playing the game in the privacy of your home, because otherwise, people will think you’re a deranged lunatic.

But, overall, I must say Chicken Scream features an easy gameplay, numerous psychological benefits, and a fun UI for a game that’s totally addictive.

Available for iOS devices here and Android devices here.


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