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10 Kick-Ass Filters That’ll Make Your Photos Stand Out

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If you’re like me, you probably click 20 pictures of the same damn thing before finally settling on THE ONE you want to share on Instagram. Then you get busy trying to find the perfect filter to layer onto your image,  making it brighter, sharper and prettier in a snap. But with the countless number of photo-editing apps at your disposal these days, it’s frustrating trying to pick one filter that works perfectly with all your pictures.

I’m just as much of a trigger-happy selfie fiend as you, and after having been at this for a really long time, I can safely say that these different filters are now my go-to ones for all my photo editing needs. Try out my recommendations below and let me know how they’re working out for you 🙂



1. Gingham

App: Instagram

Gingham is a new filter on Instagram, earlier available only as a video option. Most new additions on Instagram are full of colour and work really well on dull pictures. But the key to making photos stand out is to make sure the overall appearance isn’t too bright, so make sure you adjust the intensity of the filter accordingly.



2. G3

App: VSCO Cam

G3 on VSCO Cam adds a lot of light and colour to a picture. Even though you can reduce the intensity of the filter, it’s best used for images with lots of natural light that you can then prettify.



3. Lark

App: Instagram

I love how Lark fades out the not-so-pretty bits of my picture, while making it brighter. This filter transforms pictures to make bright colours look more intense. Get all your travel photos out and try this filter on them!



4. Lucky

App: Aviary

Lucky brings out colours in your picture very well without making you look too gawdy. Aviary doesn’t let you adjust the intensity of the filter, so you might not like Lucky on all your pictures. Check out some of their other filters if this one doesn’t work for you. Personally, I think it works best with portraits.



5. Valencia

App: Instagram

Valencia makes your photos look soft and fuzzy, which is why most photos look really nice when you use this filter on them. It goes well with almost all kinds of photos and gives your image a warm yellow undertone, which I didn’t want for this picture. So I made some alterations and decreased the brightness. The result is in front of you!



6. Reyes

App: Instagram

Another recently introduced filter on Instagram, Reyes is perfect when you’re looking for a vintage touch on your photos. Another thing I must mention about this filter is that it hides imperfections pretty well. So when your face isn’t looking as clear as you want it to, Reyes will come to your rescue!



7. Sierra

App: Instagram

Sierra helps fade the background while making your photo appear softer. The focus of your picture will pop automatically because the background is now subtle. If you’re looking for a calm and soothing effect versus a really loud one, Sierra will help you achieve that.



8. Brannan

App: Instagram

When you have a picture with lots of shadows, Brannan can be your go-to filter. It brightens your photo instantly, and if it gets too much for your liking you can always adjust the intensity. Don’t forget to play around with the settings and sharpen your picture at the end.



9. Slumber

App: Instagram

Slumber gives a dull, summery look to your picture, almost like it’s taking you back in time. I don’t like how dull my photos get with this filter though, so I just adjust the intensity until I get the perfect balance. If you want a pleasant summer vibe to your image, Slumber will help you achieve that. I usually play around with the settings after picking this filter and increase the saturation to make the subject stand out.



10. Nashville

App: Instagram

If you love everything pink, this will be your go-to filter. Nashville makes your picture really bright and pink, so double tap on the filter to adjust it to an intensity you like. I use this filter when I want to add a very subtle, natural looking pink tinge to my photo. This will be your favourite filter for portraits if you have pale skin.

To save yourself the trouble of clicking endlessly for the perfect picture, just follow these simple tips:

1. Face the light
2. Keep your camera at eye level and tilt it slightly downwards
3. For portraits, don’t keep the subject in the centre. A little towards either side works
4. Click sharp and clear pictures


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