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#Appturday: This App Will Help Bring Out Your Inner Writer

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Tired of using the same ol’, boring apps? Keep up with the hottest new app launches and rediscover old favourites with Appturday! Appturday’s, a weekly post from our Social Media Editor where she rants, raves and shares the apps she’s currently into!

Confession: most of the time, I live my life on the verge of being late. I’m a serious deadline dodger who, if given the chance, will absolutely do everything in her power to procrastinate.

As exciting as it may sound, I often find myself writing these very posts on my phone, while I’m on my way to work, in order to barely make the deadline. (Note to ed: Sorry! :D)

While the iPhone’s in-built note app is nice, it’s kinda meh, if you ask me. I mean, there’s nothing inspirational about it; think of it as the digital equivalent of your boring ol’ notebook.

But this week’s app pick, the Bear app, is kind of like those fancy notebooks you’d get from abroad, the ones with all the bells and whistles, y’know? Which makes it the perfect app for someone who enjoys writing, needs to keep tab of reminders, or, if you’re like me, needs to make deadlines.

The Bear app features some beautiful customiszable themes and typographies, which will be the perfect background for your next listicle, or literary masterpiece. It’s got an inbuilt word count and reading time count that, honestly, is a blessing for writers like me.

I also LOVE the fact that it syncs automatically to my iPad and Mac, and has the option to seamlessly convert your writing into PDF and Word docs. Convenient, much?

With notes comes the need for compartmentalisation and organising, and here’s what makes the bear app so ace. You can link notes to each other to build a body of work; eg: chapters in a book. Hashtags are used to organise the notes specifically for the way you think, which, IMHO, is the coolest thing ever!

If you ask me to describe my idea of the perfect app, it would be something that’s powerful and gets the job done, and yet is simple (stupid-proof almost), easy to use, and with a beautiful UI, all of which the bear app boasts. For now, it’s available only on iOS but we’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Androiders.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and download the bear app here and let me know what you think!


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