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Taylor Swift’s You Need To Calm Down Takes A Stand For The LGBTQ Community. Now We Literally Can’t Keep Calm!

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Taylor Swift’s album promotion techniques are as inspiring as the concept of her latest song You Need To Calm Down from her upcoming album, Lover. The equality anthem has lyrics that take a dig at internet trolls and the naysayers, but what really caught her fan’s attention is the mention of GLAAD and Pride Parades. Taylor is clearly taking a strong stand, especially with her surprise performance at the Stonewall Pride Parade just ahead of the song release.

While her latest single already has the attention of her fans, Swift decided to take the excitement up a notch by making it a big riddle! She had dropped several hints about the mood of the video and the celebrities who’d be making cameos in it. Released today, we feel the video was definitely worth the wait. It features a plethora of popular faces such as Laverne Cox, Ru Paul, Haley Kiyoko, Ryan Reynolds and Queer Eye’s fab five. It also features two of her closest friends, Ellen DeGeneres and Todrick Hall.

The video looks like a gorgeous tea party in a trailer park we’d never get to go to, complete with a beautiful spectre of crowns, rainbow sequins, funfetti cake and laduree hues! It comes alive with a gay wedding, pop queen pageant, a cake fight and a gorgeous Ryan Reynolds painting the day away. In the video, you can see people of the LGBTQ community, confidently shunning the naysayers, because you know you got to do what you got to do. However, what really steals the show is Katy Perry in a burger outfit finding her French fries lady, Taylor Swift, amidst all the chaos. You know, like made for each other!

At the end of the video, you can see a message urging people to sign her petition for Senate support of the Equality Act on We’re hoping this brilliant effort by Taylor Swift will help bring in the change, with support pouring in from around the globe.

Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift had dropped all these Easter Eggs, ahead of the launch of the video on her social media. But the hints dropped by Ellen DeGeneres and Todrick Hall is what truly steal the show. Months ago, on April 23, Todrick shared a photo of himself wearing a silver crown, in a pink pastel kitchen. Now that we’ve seen the setting of Taylor Swift’s YNTCD video, it’s easier to connect the dots.

In fact, he had posted a similar picture again, with the caption, “living Taylor Swift fantasy. So ready for this musical butterfly to hatch from its cocoon!!!” How could we have possibly missed this big clue?

Another Easter Egg we missed was when she appeared on The Ellen Show where she spoke about how her new album. During the interview, Taylor asked Ellen if she’d be part of her new album, and she responded saying, “I don’t know, I’ll think about it. OK, I’ll do it.” Of course, like dimwits, we thought it was all a joke. Because, such decisions aren’t made on a TV show, right?


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