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Tara Sutaria Just Proved She Is A True Feminist Without Even Trying And We Love Her For It!

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I, by nature, am a very competitive person. I always feel the need to give my best, and therefore, be the best. But none of that has ever come at somebody else’s expense. Being a millennial and growing up in a time when issues like feminism are more imminent than ever, I recognise the need for support and empowerment, and turns out, so does Tara Sutaria.

The Student Of The Year 2 actress may have been in competition with Ananya Panday in the movie, but certainly not in real life. Recently, in an interview with The Hindustan Times, Tara was questioned about having a competitive streak against co-star and debutante Ananya Panday, but the actress replied, “I don’t think I ever will (feel insecure). I have been born and brought up in a wonderful way. I don’t look at females as competition. I think we should encourage and support one another. So, there has never been any kind of negative feeling towards anyone. We (Ananya and her) share a great friendship off screen.”

And if we are being honest that makes her a true feminist without even trying hard at it. It is natural to develop a sense of professional animosity with a fellow colleague, especially at such an early stage in one’s career, but Tara’s response reflects none of that.

When she was further asked about who in the industry inspires her, she said, “Look at what Deepika has gone on to achieve since her debut. And Priyanka is so wonderfully recognised the world over. She is traditional yet so modern. There is so much to learn from both of them.”

And there’s clearly something to learn from the 23-year-old actress as well, who so early on in her acting journey has learned an important lesson in both – feminism and Bollywood. To always be appreciative, supportive and most of all, secure that the industry would always have a place for you if you do well, regardless of how anyone else is doing.

Long way to go for the young debutante and we can’t wait to see her hit the screen with her future releases – Milap Zaveri’s Marjaavan and Ahan Shetty in RX100’s Hindi remake.


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