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Tanushree Dutta Names Nana Patekar As Sexual Harasser. It’s Your Move, Bollywood!

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10 years ago, when the #MeToo movement did not exist, voices of women in Bollywood who spoke up against sexual harassment and misconduct were often silenced. And it wasn’t in the most obvious way. It wasn’t explicit. Instead, a career was destroyed, and the actress in question got no roles even while the perpetrator continued to rise to fame. And this is precisely what happened with Tanushree Dutta.

The erstwhile actress recently brought the issue of sexual harassment to light, and named and shamed. The name she brought up was Nana Patekar. It’s not like this just came up, she said in the interview. She had spoken about it back then, almost a decade ago. That time, she didn’t name names. But now, she’s not holding back.

She accused the senior actor of insisting on an intimate step in a song she was part of, and the others on the set of consent, because they didn’t object. She also revealed that she and her family were subjected to violence because she refused to shoot when she was uncomfortable. Janice Sequeira, a journalist who was on set during this time has also confirmed this story.

What remains to be seen, of course, is the industry’s reaction. Are they going to dismiss it because the person in question has left the limelight a while ago, or will Bollywood finally admit to chinks in its armour?


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