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Tamilian Actor Ousted From Bigg Boss Tamil For Admitting To Groping Women. But On The Show, People Thought It Was Funny

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No matter what version of it you watch, you can trust the Bigg Boss franchise to pick out the most loud, weird and awkward people to come on the show. However, what you probably didn’t expect was that people who proudly claim to have groped women on crowded buses would be participants as well. But then again, the show always surprises us. And this time around, it has managed to disgust us as well. Bigg Boss Tamil is hosted by Kamal Hassan and last week, there are a rift in the house. Of course, I mean, the show literally thrives on that.

But here’s how things unfolded. A participant on the show, Meera Mithun alleged that the director Cheran had ‘mandhandled’ her during on the the tasks, something she was taking quite seriously. To this, Kamal Hassan replied saying this situation arises all the time, it’s akin to travelling in a crowded bus. Of course, he added that no one gets into a bus with the sole purpose of touching women inappropriately. But even before we could squeak about what was clearly a lie, actor Saravanan gleefully raised his handed and said that as a college student, he did exactly that. Got on to buses so he could grope women. And obviously, this pissed people off. Including singer Chinmayi.

And rightfully so. The man was being an absolute douchebag. But perhaps what is worse is that when Saravanan laughed and admitted to doing this, there was clapping in the audience which also had plenty of women in it. People laughed and applauded as if there was nothing wrong with this. However, the actor has now been thrown out of the show as his comments have been taken quite seriously. Which honestly, is a good step but perhaps one that needed to be harsher than being thrown out of a show. Later, the actor said, possibly to salvage a modicum of respect, the guy said, “No one should commit the same mistake I did. If you do that there is punishment for sure. I raised my hand when Kamal (Haasan) sir asked the question only to reiterate that no one should do that.”

But he was thrown out anyway. “Since we had to pay attention to Meera-Cheran issue last week, it was not possible to consider the comment you made on national television at that point in time. Though you had apologized in the episode on 29 July, the Bigg Boss team has decided not to take this incident lightly. Crores of families in Tamil Nadu and outside are watching this programme. The message we want to send across is that though the incidents happened in the past, we strictly condemn it. Hence it has been decided that you shall not continue in this show,” Bigg Boss announced at the end of the episode, as quoted by The News Minute.

We..can’t. We can’t even.

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