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Taj Mahal Becomes The First Monument To Have A Breastfeeding Room. We Say It’s About Time!

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It was last year that we saw just how unfriendly society and, in particular, malls are towards nursing mothers. You remember the South Point Mall incident, right? It opened up a dialogue on the problems that moms all around the country face when it comes to breastfeeding their babies. Basically, there’s no room for them!

Breastfeeding, that is usually met with a lot of shame, nasty looks and fairly audible taunts, is in fact one of the most pure and natural of processes when it comes to raising kids. The idea that women must only ever breastfeed in the confines of their homes or, as had been horribly suggested by the South Point Mall authorities, in the confines of a public restroom, is not just insensitive but also senseless. And we are glad that the one breaking this train of thought in the country is going to be our iconic monument of love – the Taj Mahal.

In recent news, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) which maintains Taj Mahal and several other monuments around the country, shared how Taj Mahal became the first monument in the country to offer a breastfeeding room to the tourist mothers, who visit the palace in huge numbers.

An official from the authorities commented saying, “I could see it was so difficult for her (to feed her child) which is basic motherhood right. So, I thought we have to do something. The situation turns even more embarrassing on days when there is a rush of tourists.”

Even the thought of the kind of discomfort women face upon not having a decent place to sit down and feed their crying and hungry babies, is disheartening. Especially since it is not practically possible for young parents to chain themselves to their homes once they have a baby.

The nursing room in context will be well-equipped with basic and latest amenities from lights, fans, chairs, tables and the likes of it, to make breastfeeding moms as comfortable as possible. In an iconic move, one that we hope will be followed by others too, the Taj Mahal – the monument of love – has indeed stepped up to its name as it propagates our love and acceptance of mothers.


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