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Taimur Ali Khan Has Cameras in His Face Even As He Says ‘No Photos’. We Are All To Blame For This Incessant Obsession

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The paparazzi culture that has developed in Bollywood is all things great- I mean for us mainly – because we get to stalk every move of theirs. It lets us keep up with the day-to-day adventures of all our favourite celebrities, look at all the new trends and it gives us so much insight on what is happening with them (yes, it is important!) But, sometimes paps can go a little overboard. Invading into their private spaces, taking whatever means necessary to get that money-winning shot. But do you know what about the pap-culture is truly pissing off? When they click star babies non-stop!

I get it, clicking those pictures is their bread and butter. But they need to understand that shoving a camera in a kid’s face, no matter who the kid is, is very unhealthy for the kid. I mean, yes we think they are cute and all but honestly, we’d be okay if the child wasn’t having a camera dance around their face every time they step out. Even the thought of it is scary. Okay, you’ve probably guessed who we are talking about- Taimur Ali Khan. He is the most loved child in the whole nation and that is all thanks to these paps who have been going to great lengths to get a clear picture of him since he was in a cradle.

Recently you can even see him saying “No photos” and hiding his face but even then, but the paps are relentless. I think they really need to back off the poor child and understand that while it is okay to click a few pictures, going overboard is not okay. He is, after all, just a kid!

In a recent interview, that is exactly what his mother and style icon Kareena Kapoor Khan said. Kareena was asked if she thought it affected Taimur. She says,” Of course (it affects them). Even if we want to take pictures, Taimur sometimes says ‘No photos’. He has learned to say that. He’s constantly being watched and he realises he’s being clicked now. This culture has been there for a while now and nobody is asking anyone not to do their job. But we are just asking for a little space because they are children and we want them to grow up in an environment that is safe and secure, where they can be the way they want to be.”

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It is a little insensitive and frankly not needed. I mean, think about it… how comfortable would you be if someone shoved a camera in your child’s face every time he or she left the house? That is definitely not the kind of exposure the child needs. Taimur is just 2 years old for crying out loud. Agreed is adorable but let’s give him and his family some space, please?

In the same interview, Kareena also mentions that Saif tries very hard to ensure Taimur isn’t bothered like this. She says, “He does, and tries to keep cool and calm. He requests them to give him his space and that’s the only thing he can do, being a public figure. I don’t want him to grow up in a way where I’m covering my child’s face. I think that would scar him even more. He would be ‘Why are you doing this?’ That’s not normal.”

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You would think the Taimur craze end at the pictures of him that sell at maddening prices, but nope. Let me remind you of the time last year when there was a doll that was released that was modelled on Taimur. Yep, a doll! When Kareena was asked about it she said that the doll looked nothing like her son but in fact resembled Chucky, lol. She went on to pose the question that baffles her, “What is the obsession?” she asked. We would like to know the answer to that as well.

It is said that each picture of Taimur sells at Rs 1500, which is higher than any other celebrity! If that isn’t baffling I really don’t know what is.

On the work front, (Kareena’s obviously!) Her radio show has just been renewed for a second season. The show talks about all things women, the struggles of the working women and everything else relating to what is it that women want. Through the show, she is busting stereotypes in the most subtle way possible and we wish she continues doing so!

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