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Tahira Kashyap Is Shocked At How Some Husbands Give Up On Their Sick Wives And Says Ayushmann Khurrana Is A Blessing. Aww

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I strongly believe in the power of love. It may sound very filmy but I believe that with enough love, support and warmth, you can recover from anything, much faster. It gives you the motivation to fight sickness, no matter what. For instance, when I found my cat, she was so badly injured that even the vet thought she won’t survive. But I didn’t give up on her and gave that little munchkin so much love and care that she pushed even harder and now is the most affectionate cat I have ever known. Losing one eye in that accident didn’t kill her enthusiasm and she loves like she has never been hurt. So when I think of marriage, you can only imagine how seriously I take being there for each other “in sickness and in health.” Recently, Tahira Kashyap who battled breast cancer successfully, opened up about how Ayushmann Khurrana was so supportive of her.

Tahira expressed how the support of your loved ones can dilute your struggles and make the journey less painful. “You can’t share that pain or struggle with anyone else but when you have the support of your parents, husband, children, immediate family members and friends, then the struggle doesn’t feel like struggle. I think the journey becomes easy, lovable and joyous. All of us thrive on love, so I really wish that each one of us is surrounded by a lot of love,” said Tahira.


Ayushmann Khurrana, who has been super busy with a number of movies he’s been doing, didn’t let work keep him from giving the attention his wife needed at that time. In fact, he even kept the Karva Chauth fast for Tahira Kashyap during this phase.

She has spoken earlier too about how Ayushmann has been a blessing in her struggle with cancer. Tahira who underwent a mastectomy and is still under medical attention, regularly posts about cancer awareness. But what really left her feeling concerned is when Milind Soman revealed that several women who are diagnosed with cancer get abandoned by their husbands in the rural areas. “I really wish every husband and every wife is there for each other through thick and thin. I was really surprised and shocked when Milind (Soman) said that a lot of women, when they have cancer, especially in a rural belt, are abandoned by the men of the house,” Tahira said.

 Kashyap emphasised on the importance of family support in such times and said, “Everyone goes through struggle in their life but if you have the support of your people, family members and loved ones, the journey becomes a bit easy and joyous. I really wish that all the men support their women as much as my husband did and that’s how it should be.”

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