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Tahira Kashyap Hid Her Depression From Ayushmann Khurrana And Their Kids. We’re Glad She’s Talking About It Now.

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The thing is, we’re used to believing that putting your vulnerabilities out in the open is a sign of weakness. Anybody, who puts up quotes about healing, moving on or expressing sadness, is brushed aside as being lame or dramatic. Who are we kidding? Don’t all of us have feelings and emotions?  I mean, at least that’s much more real than the fake candids, staged ‘woke up like this’ posts and forever happy posts. In fact, I feel that when you talk openly about your emotional and mental struggles, it might help someone who is going through something similar. Tahira Kashyap, in an interview with a tabloid, opened up about her mental health, unhesitatingly.

She spoke about how, like several of us, she used to dismiss her mental wellbeing. “I never treated my body, mind and soul as one entity. I always thought physical health was important, and mental toh kuch hota hi nahin hai. So, I exercised a lot. But I think (the cancer) was a manifestation of the negativity that I had been harbouring,” Tahira revealed.

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In fact, she believes that it’s possible that she would have been diagnosed with clinical depression, except she didn’t go to a doc. “Had I gone to a doctor, I would have been declared clinically depressed. But I chose to cry every night instead of visiting one. I was living a dual life. My husband was shooting; I would spend hours at night crying, and put up the front of a happy person in the morning so that I didn’t look like a loser before my children, who were aged two and four then,” she said. Whether you’re clinically depressed or just consistently sad, people tend to bottle it all in and hide it from their loved ones. This is because we are embarrassed or rather scared of being judged.

Thankfully, Tahira found the motivation to focus on her mental health and she is glad! She expressed, “It was only after I practised Buddhist chanting, and focused on my mental health that things changed. In a way, I’m glad that [I was diagnosed with cancer] at a time when I was strong enough to deal with it.”

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Tahira has undergone treatment for breast cancer, during which several people were inspired by the strength she exhibited. Hubby Ayushmann Khurrana had been supportive, in fact, right from the start. Tahira revealed, “I’ve been on a high dose of thyroid medication since college. I recall, following my diagnosis, the doctor told me to not tell anyone about my condition since it would hamper my chances of getting married. As soon as I was out, I told Ayushmann. He said, ‘Okay, we’ll deal with it, but what is it, anyway?” What a star couple!


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