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Tahira Kashyap Got Trolled For Sporting Short Hair. Looks Like Ayushamann’s Brother, They Said. She Shut Them Up Though!

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While we love Ayushmann Khurrana for his amazing acting skills and unusual choice of films, his wife, writer-director Tahira Kashyap too, is a true hero. She is a cancer survivor, and has been motivating us with her strength every day. Kashyap was diagnosed with cancer last year, and documented her journey fighting the disease, on social media. She lost her hair to chemotherapy, and that’s not even the worse of the fight she had to put up during her sickness. Ayushmann, being a doting husband, was with her through out and clearly it strengthened their relationship.

Recently, in one of her posts, Tahira wrote, “From my obsession with long hair, associating beauty with Rapunzel tresses, and hiding most of the time behind my hair (as I felt secure, lest my crooked nose, or freckles or pimples or simply not so chiseled face isn’t exposed) to losing my hair, wearing extensions and a cap, going bald to now a short crop, I am enjoying every phase because somehow with hair I lost my insecurity, my stupid notion of beauty and my complexes.”

This is such an important message, because most of us are insecure at some level, especially due to the stereotypical notions of beauty deeply ingrained in our system. Tahira’s post has the potential to inspire thousands of people fighting low self-esteem or negative body image because she is a public figure. And yet, internet is a breeding ground for assh***s and so it came down to some netizens deciding to defeat the purpose of the entire post and rather troll her for her short hair. They went ahead to say how Tahira and Ayushmann now look like bros. Such logical reasoning can make Aryabhata cry in his grave, for this is a country where such dedh shanas reside.

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But this is Tahira they’re dealing with it. She has fought cancer, and dealing with internet trolls is like a cakewalk for her. Tahira went on to share another post with Ayushmann from the screening of his latest movie, Article 15 with the caption: “Jeez itne bhai bhai jokes sun liye ke Ab jab bhi main @ayushmannk ko milti Hun background main ek hi gaana Chal raha hota hai “tu mera, tu mera , tu mera bhai nai hai!” And unlike the fukre boys song I am not questioning! It’s a goddamn statement! P.s (case in point, look at our hair partition, haina opposite? Phirrrr!) Just incase you get over the bhai bhai thing and see how much effort I took to land from mars for the #article15 screening and I so love it!!”

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We loved how she shut down the trolls in such a cool way. Come to think of it, no matter how pathetic these trolls our, they aren’t completely useless. In the end, we get to see how a confident person should handle criticism and it’s really inspiring!


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