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Tabu’s De De Pyaar De May Not Be Sexist, But Then Again Alok Nath Is Playing A Doting Father!

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As women, our choices in men are subject to change. Men, and the likes of them, come to us women, in phases. As kids, we prefer the cute, chocolate boys; a little into our teens we start falling for the ones who want to worship us; then comes college and our affinity for the rebellious kinds; and after hitting a certain age, we can’t help but get attracted to the older men, the more sophisticated, suave and settled ones.

Now while the society may shape it out to be a ‘haye tauba‘ moment, we believe there’s nothing wrong with falling for an older man, I mean, look how happy Saifeena turned out to be! De De Pyaar De actress Tabu is of the same school of thought. The trailer of her upcoming film dropped less than a month ago and has already started to stir up trouble for the cast.

The movie is essentially about a guy (because hey aren’t they all), who is a 50-year-old divorcee and finds himself in love with a girl who is almost half his age. As the trailer progresses, we watch them get closer as a couple, seeking blessings from the society and his ex-wife to go ahead with their relationship.

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And that is exactly where the audience seems to have gotten mixed up… They confused two women standing up for what they believe for two women vying for a man’s attention. While the audience straight up condemned it as ‘sexist’, Tabu came to the rescue and cleared what was yet another stereotype around the movie, by saying, “Akiv (Ali, De De Pyaar De’s director) has offered an interesting take on relationships. Once you see it in the context of the film and not just the trailer, things become a lot clearer. The movie hasn’t been made with an intention to be sexist. In fact, the female characters in the film are strong; they take a stand and make their own decisions. So I’d like people to watch the movie and then comment.”

Now we get it; after having been exposed to the trauma that was SOTY 2, it comes naturally to the public to be offended by anything that even remotely relates to sexism. But, this is not SOTY. There is no St. Teresa High School, with ridiculous dance competitions, sexualised school dresses and lack of screenplay.

But De De Pyaar De presents a very relatable life situation and we might do good to give it the benefit of doubt. What, however, still doesn’t sit right about the movie is having Alok Nath in the cast as a ‘doting father’.

After numerous allegations for being a perpetrator of sexual misconduct during the #MeToo movement, the fact that he is still being reached out to and cast in movies is grossly unsettling! Yes, Ajay Devgn went on record to talk about how the shooting happened before the claims surfaced, and how it would be ‘difficult’ to drop him after. And while we want to be empathetic considering the presumably high production costs of having Alok Nath replaced, we still think it is something that cannot be condoned.

Guess Bollywood never learns. A movie that had the chance of breaking stereotypes around women, is still getting dragged down with people like Alok Nath, and that is just sad.


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