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Taapsee Pannu’s Savage Reply To Producer Tanuj Garg Calling Her ‘Bollywood Ki Ayushmann Khurrana’ Is Everything Fabulous

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It so happens, that whenever we’re trying to appropriate anything or anyone for that matter, judging them and wanting to compliment their skills, we often do it by way of drawing quick comparisons with others. Be it this new guy you’ve started talking to, whom you will automatically end up comparing to your ex boyfriend, a new place to eat that you’ve come to, that you end up drawing parallels to the last one you visited. Comparisons are seemingly inevitable. As in this case where a Bollywood star who is doing well and making a space for herself was compared to a male counterpart, in an attempt to flatter but one that failed to come up to par. We are talking about the Saand Ki Aankh actress, Taapsee Pannu here, who was recently called the ‘Bollywood ki female Ayushmann Khurrana’ .

Giving back to back hits and with some groundbreaking performances under her belt, Taapsee Pannu has carved a special place for herself in Bollywood. Taking up roles that are anything but conventional and delivering on them, she has become an industry favourite with her choice of roles. In fact, after the actress recently won a Filmfare award for Best Actress (Critics – Saand Ki Aankh), most people from the industry took to social media to congratulate her for a well deserved win.

And among them, one such admirer was the Lootera producer, Tanuj Garg who took to Twitter to pass on his appreciation to the actress. He wrote, “Congrats to the powerhouse @taapsee, humaare #Bollywood ki female Ayushmann Khurrana. #SaandKiAankh #bestactress.” And while to anyone that may seem like a lovely way to congratulate someone, to Taapsee and to us as well, it was just another day of being compared to a man, a way of saying you are as good as him. Obviously, it doesn’t sit well it us. But yay, because Taapsee didn’t let it slide as well.

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What about calling me bollywood ki pehli Taapsee Pannu.” And that right, the equivalent of a mic drop, left us and many others lauding the actress for her quick wit, sass and a spine to correct the statement that inadvertently was meant at putting women down by saying that she’s good enough as a man.

In fact, Taapsee Pannu who first started her career in 2010 in Telugu cinema has been around longer than the Vicky Donor star, Ayushmann Khurrana who debuted back in 2012. Both the actors have had a journey of hits and misses in the industry, to finally find themselves in a position where they are both critically acclaimed. Which is perhaps why, comparing her to Ayushmann Khurrana and insinuating she is what he is to Bollywood, is code for the the fact that great actors in the industry will always be  male artists and female actors can be just as good, but their name won’t go down in history for that.

And that is exactly the kind of sexist and prejudiced narrative that Taapsee Pannu seeks to change, by letting the world know that maybe it’s time we recognise talent irrespective of gender, because clearly we have many actresses in the industry who aren’t just as good as men, when it comes to acting, but even better!

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