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Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over Trailer Comes With A Fabulous Ending That Allows You To Play A Game!

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It looks like we are in for some edge-of-the-seat drama with Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming movie Game Over. The trailer even starts of scary. The 2:14 introduction of the movie is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of and while we are excited to watch it, because, you know, cheap thrills, we are equally anxious. And isn’t that a sign that this might have the makings of a good movie?

Taapsee, of course, plays the lead role in this movie, heavily reliant on another character called Kalamma to take care of her basic needs. At this point, we are unsure of the exact nature of their relationship (the trailer remains slightly elusive on this) but you know that the movie is going to play on this plot point. Game Over is a remake of Tamil-Telugu film. In fact, the movie will release in three languages- Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

But what is infinitely more interesting to us is that the movie’s trailer features a Bandersnatch sort of ending where you can choose to follow the story through by clicking on the options that appear below the screen. You can watch more tidbits from the movie, choose the character’s path and more. This kept us engaged for quite a while and we spent an alarming amount of time following through on all the combinations possible. This lead to our boss believing that we aren’t entirely in our right mind which is not completely off the mark.

If you’ve time, or are just a curious soul like I am, I suggest you give the game a go. Let us know how that worked out for you. Also, have you managed to retain your job with this sort of behaviour?


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