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Taapsee Pannu Says Kangana Ranaut Did Not Praise Mission Mangal. Rangoli Says There’s Nothing To Praise.

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Bollywood, apart from giving us some major blockbusters this year, lately has also been giving us some major celebrity fights, most have which have involved the Judgementall Hai Kya actress – Kangana Ranaut and the unsolicited advice of her sister Rangoli Chandel. The feud this time has gone down between Kangana and Taapsee and started when the Mission Mangal actress called out Kangana for being a hypocrite.

For the unversed, this fight started when Taapsee casually commented on Kangana needing a double filter and sister Rangoli Chandel went ahead to call Taapsee a ‘sasti copy’ of Kangana. So this time around, when Taapsee Pannu had the chance, she slammed Kangana Ranaut for her not praising any of the actresses in Mission Mangal. She said to Mid Day, “She has always spoken about how a woman should support another woman, but I did not hear any words of praise for my films. There are five women in Mission Mangal. Is she praising us? I am her junior and don’t have (as vast) a filmography as her, but I have done a decent number of films for someone to be appreciative of it.”

She further went on to express her disappointment for the actress and said, “If I meet her, I will graciously walk up and say hello to her, or even her sister. It was triggered because I said she needs a double filter. Even Anurag (Kashyap) and I need that. How is that a negative thing? I saw her as an honest person. It’s sad that she says a woman cannot call out another woman. I will call out people basis who is wrong and right, and not based on what gender they belong to. Feminism is about an equal platform.”

And we wouldn’t disagree. Kangana and her sister have been at everyone’s heels for every little thing. Like the time when Rangoli had a go at Varun Dhawan for not mentioning her name specifically when he praised the “entire cast and crew of Judgmentall Hai Kya“. And though Kangana had no comments on the matter, her sister Rangoli, clearly triggered, was not going to keep quiet and hence started with a series of insulting tweets against Taapsee.

She wrote, “”Yeh Madam is attacking Kangana everyday,arrey bhai tune kya kiya hai for what we should praise you? 2 mins role in a film lead by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan. Or playing character roles in Big B films or carrying same confused expression through all your film..”

Rangoli also went on to insult Taapsee for being 32 years of age and not really having any meaningful work to her name. Apparently, all Taapsee is called upon during interviews is to talk about Kangana. We aren’t sure what makes Rangoli go off the handle in this manner, but it looks like anything does at this point. We aren’t sure why Rangoli is given such a free hand but someone needs to tell this woman off.

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