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Taapsee Pannu Says Badla Was Called Amitabh Bachchan’s Film. And She Had More Screen Time In It. We Totally Get It

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We live in a man’s world, they say. I am sure men have a lot on their shoulders as well and I am not discrediting them for the pressures they feel. But whether you choose to analyse society at macro or micro level, the result will pretty much reveal that it’s the women who are at a loss. And that doesn’t speak very well for any culture, neither does such mindset promote growth. All this, not because women aren’t capable enough or not doing enough. But majorly, because we aren’t getting the same amount of return our male counterparts get for the same effort. We try to tell ourselves that at least some of us, live in a modernised society which doesn’t indulge in gender-bias. But do we? We assume that Bollywood, which is apparently very open-minded and unorthodox gives both men and women equal opportunity, but does it? Taapsee Pannu has been very vocal about the issues that plague our society, and her profession in particular.

Recently, she spoke about how her film Badla, alongside Amitabh Bachchan was an example of the gender-bias that exists in Bollywood. Taapsee revealed that she had more presence in the movie and yet, it was called Amitabh Bachchan’s film. “Even when I do films like Badla, I had more working days or scenes so to say than Mr. Bachchan. He was the hero of the film, I was the antagonist. But the antagonist has more presence in the film than the protagonist. But eventually the film releases, they call it an Amitabh Bachchan film,” Taapsee said.

Taapse explained that it’s only after she decided to put her foot down and speak up against such biases that her work started getting the recognition it deserved. “Yes, when I raise my voice and say I’ve done almost equal if not more, that’s when people recognised and started taking my name because it’s such a male-dominated industry, they don’t even realise that I might have done more work actually. It was called Sir’s film, it won’t be called a female film regardless of the fact that I have more scenes. It will be called an Amitabh Bachchan film and the credit will go there,” Taapsee revealed on #NoFilterNeha show. I strongly agree with that. I know the world is unfair, but must we act like victims and watch our hard work being dismissed? No. We fight for what we deserve until we get it!

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Earlier, Sonam Kapoor too spoke about how The Zoya Factor was being cited as Dulquer Salmaan’s movie, when she actually plays the title character Zoya in it. Even Mission Mangal, which had the women scientists as central characters was cited as Akshay Kumar’s success. Can you be any more in-your-face biased?

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There’s already pay disparity that Bollywood is tackling, and then to top it, you don’t even get credit in female-centric films. Taapsee Pannu had earlier revealed that half of the salary of a male actor is basically the entire budget of a female-centric film. I don’t know if that was an exaggeration or not (I hope that was!) but the point is that actresses are putting the same effort and getting paid less. Their work is not getting recognised enough! Which is why, I am glad that actresses are speaking up and being stronger than ever. I am hopeful that day will arrive when this debate will become non-existent in a good way!

Taapsee Pannu will now be seen in Anubhav Sinha’s upcoming film Thappad.

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