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Taapsee Pannu Says She Can’t Shop From Malls In India Anymore. We Need To Understand That Stars Need Their Space

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When I first decided to become a writer, I was 12 years old and deeply fascinated by the works of Nancy Drew. When I actually got to be a writer, I was 22 and hadn’t anticipated what I would or would not get to do after I chose this line of work for myself. Of course, there hasn’t been something so major that I’d had to give up as a writer, apart from my weekends and the concept of having ‘casual’ conversations, but it’s not like that for celebs. The kind of things celebrities and actors have to sacrifice in their line of work can be quite annoying. And not fun. Something that Mission Mangal actress Taapsee Pannu recently opened up about.

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During a recent interview with the Manmarziyaan star, the actress talked about how life has treated her after she’s stepped into  tinseltown. From being the first in her family to achieve the status of a public figure, Taapsee opened up about how this still feels rather new and at times, uncomfortable for her. She said, “I was born and brought up in Delhi so it’s still my ‘adda’ but you can’t just walk out and go around anymore. Not just I, but even those with me get bothered. Of course, I love the fact that people really love me and that is what we work for. But sometimes that line is blurred, and you don’t get enough space. People still don’t understand that no means no. It is bothersome when my family gets affected. They are not used to it and should not have to go through this — people calling at midnight, insisting on me informing them when I’ve reached home.”

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And we can only imagine how difficult it must be, to not being able to do anything without being noticed or mobbed by a parade of fans. She added, “I can’t walk on the roads or visit cafés with my friends that I used to go to,” and we felt that. After all, no matter how big a star you become, you’d always want to have days where you can just go back to being yourself, hang out with your closest friends and for a minute, not be in the limelight as you always are. But seems like, that is one thing that she, among many others, have had to give up when they chose to be filmstars. Not voluntarily, of course.

In fact, sometimes the situation becomes so extreme, that she finds herself not shopping in India at all. Taapsee Pannu shared, “I would love to walk into the mall and shop, but it doesn’t happen anymore. That’s why I shop outside the country from high street brands. It’s not like I go there to shop for a certain brand but the fact that I can’t walk into a mall and try on clothes here, I do it outside the country,” and that is something we need to be mindful of. We need to be more considerate of their privacy and need to stop literally driving people away from the country.

She’s still learning the ropes when it comes to finding a balance between stardom and her routine life, she said, “I belong to a very humble background. I tell my family to put their foot down and say no, but they can’t. They even try to be more understanding towards people, but they are of a certain age now and they have to sleep on time. They can’t keep up as I do. They are not used to this lifestyle. I am the first person in my family who is a public figure. They are still trying to wrap their heads around this and understand how to deal with it.” And we hope, while they try their best to understand, we do too, in realising how our extreme our reactions towards celebrities can be, often becoming a cause of concern for them. They’re human too, and we owe it to them to not just understand but also respect their personal space and privacy.

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