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Taapsee Pannu, Huma Qureshi And Other Celebrities Are In Shock With Their Inflated Electricity Bills.

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Having always lived a rather privileged and pampered life, where I didn’t have to be concerned with paying bills or contributing much to the family in terms of finances, I had to learn a lot when I finally moved out. Like, why it was important to listen to my parents every time they asked me to switch the lights and fans off when I left the room. Or how leaving the geyser on all day, or running the AC relentlessly wasn’t just going to drown my bank account in electricity bills but also waste resources. All of which finally made sense to me when I was living alone and liable for my own expenses, after which I never let the power running extra for even a minute.

Which is perhaps why when recently, many people including some Bollywood celebrities, spoke about the impossible electricity bills that they have received, I could relate to the horror at quite a personal level. You see, nothing scares you more than seeing an electricity bill that is almost triple of what you pay normally (especially since you didn’t also leave the AC on for a month) and that too during the time of a lockdown, when money hasn’t been filling up in our accounts.

A matter that garnered quite some attention after Thappad actress Taapsee Pannu tweeted about how she’s received an inflated electricity bill all of a sudden, which has suddenly jumped to a whopping 36 thousand rupees.

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And turns out, she wasn’t the only one who received such electrifying news. A lot of other celebrities have also been charged triple of what they say and, excuse the pun but I had to do it, they are in shock. From Huma Qureshi to Vir Das to Dino Morea, a bunch of people have tweeted about the shocking new charges for electricity.

Ranvir Shorey also commented on the matter, called it a scam and wrote, “The 21st century, a free market and a pandemic are apparently not enough for us to still be held to ransom by electric power companies like @Adani_Elec_Mum #scam.” And honestly, it does feel exactly like that. 

The company later reverted to the actress Taapsee Pannu and said, “We have re-started physical meter reading which was temporarily halted since March because of COVID-19. Bills were generated on the lower side, being an average of preceding three months – that is, December, January and February, which are winter months. Actual consumption in the months of April, May and June is comparatively higher due to seasonal impact (summer) and increased usage (advent of Lockdown/WfH).”

They further mentioned, “The bill amount for the past period shall be accounted as per Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) guidelines. The consumers will start receiving the bills based on their actual consumption with appropriate tariff slab benefits.” Whether or not that would mean more normal bills to be re-generated, we don’t yet know, but for now it’s good to know that the matter is being looked into!

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