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Swara Bhasker Schools BJP Leader Rahul Kothari On Millennial Lingo And It Is Savage

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One of the things about being a grammar nazi, socially aware and sassy AF is that it always kind of puts you in a position where you can call out on peoples their bullshit almost instantly and put them in their place. This is a privilege us particularly woke tribe of women like us enjoy.  Much like this actress from the industry who is among the very few to have a spine to call a spade a spade, Swara Bhasker. Known for her bold roles both on screen and off it, the Veere di wedding actress has always come across to us millennials as an inspiration, especially now as she has once again established that no one can beat her sass game, especially not BJP leader Rahul Kothari.

That Swara has been up and about, supporting people and ideals she strongly believes in, is national news now. More so because the actress has not let go of even one chance to use her social media presence to share her opinions with the people of the country. And while on one end it is being widely appreciated, on the other, those from opposing mindset have been coming at her, left right and centre to put her down, and seems like in doing so, they may have forgotten to brush up their grammar skills.

Swara Bhasker took a subtle yet powerful dig at Yogi Adityanath for his comment on Arvind Kejriwal feeding biryani to people at Shaheen Bagh. Clearly, she upset more than just a few from the current ruling party, but BJP leader Rahul Kothari took it upon himself to put Swara in her place by way of correcting her on what he thought was a typo. But little did he know, he’d get schooled by the actress instead and quite savagely.

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Following up on Bhasker’s tweet and correcting “hangry” for “hungry”, he wrote, “पब्लिसिटी की ‘भूख’ इतनी…. पर ‘Hungry’ की स्पेलिंग नहीं आती (So hungry for publicity, but don’t know the spelling for ‘hungry’,”) . But instead going one up on the actress as he would have hoped, he ended up getting his first lesson on the millennial lingo and Swara attached a screenshot of the meaning of the word ‘hangry’, that basically implied that Yogi Adityanath was hungry and angry at the same time. She wrote, “Sit down uncle.”

And we have to admit, we love the kind of sass and sarcasm of this star.  actress and in everything that she does. This not being the first time Bhaskar had dropped in a few sass bombs, as she has previously too unapologetically stood by what she believed in. Be it the time when she slammed society’s notions of shame or the time when she took action against the guy who called her a ‘call girl’, she’s not backing down. This one never minces her words and we love her for it! Guess, a few lessons from her were indeed in order, and Rahul Kothari just became the first of her students!

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