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Swara Bhaskar Was Called A “Call Girl” By A Twitter User And She Ensured Mumbai Police Took Action. We’re Inspired!

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We all know that while social media can be quite fun, it is also the breeding ground of trolls and virtual bullies. Now most of the internet trolls are rather sadistic people, with no balls offline but turn into big bad bullies, sitting behind a screen. They sit with their guns loaded and go hunting each day for celebs they can fire at. Maybe that’s their way of feeling any sort of power in their otherwise pathetic life (why else would anyone be so bitter?) Now a little harmless meme-making is fine, and even celebs have learnt to laugh it off. Like okay, it’s a little mean to troll Anushka Sharma for not knowing the signal of a four, but let’s admit, the memes were a little funny! But what’s really toxic and dangerous is when the internet trolls start harassing a celebrity! So when Swara Bhaskar supported former JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar, she got trolled for basically having an opinion.

A Twitter user named Deepak Tiwari made abusive remarks and even addressed her as an escort. This man must have thought that he could just go online and direct random abuses at a lady and walk away unscathed. However, Swara wasn’t having any of it. Actor Swara Bhasker immediately tweeted to the Mumbai Police for the same. Bhaskar tweeted, “In his own words ‘mad, proud and fortunate nationalist & Hindu’ bringing shame upon his (and my) religion and nation! Also I think this qualifies as harassment or Eve teasing or something @MumbaiPolice (sic).” The user, like a coward, deleted his tweet. Hasn’t he ever heard of screenshots? Of course, Swara uploaded a screenshot of the tweet, and Mumbai Police promised to handle this on priority.

If reports are to be believed, Deepak Tiwari is now booked by Mumbai Police. Swara Bhaskar’s sensible move, we’re sure, has inspired several to go and file that complaint. Of course, you can ignore it, but this is a legit cybercrime and why should someone walk away from it unpunished?

Senior officials told The Hindu, “In cases of outraging a woman’s modesty, either online or in person, the law requires the victims themselves to register a complaint, which is why we insist on the victims coming forward. Once we have an official complaint with the victim as the complainant, we get legal powers which permit us to seek details of the social media accounts through which the offensive content is put out, better enabling us to trace and apprehend the offenders.”

In fact, what is even more shameful is that there are women who would attack other women’s sexuality and pull them down. A woman on Twitter had shamed her on her masturbation scene from Veere Di Wedding,  and for supporting Kanhaiya Kumar. She wrote, “No wonder you’re happy…one scum backs another is nature’s course…Btw how’s your finger?” But of course, you don’t mess with someone as confident and bold as Swara Bhaskar. She gave her fitting reply rather questing the woman’s thought process and mindset.

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While it’s not okay to attack anyone irrespective of the gender, and in any way, why are women attacked sexually? It always comes down to calling the woman a prostitute or shaming her for her sexual choices. Hopefully, this will set an example, and encourage all women to not take cyber-bullying lightly.


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