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Swara Bhaskar Slams Society’s Notions Of Shame. And We Couldn’t Agree More!

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Swara Bhaskar, who is known to take up bold characters in her movies and TV series, not mince words and take up the cudgels for a cause, is on our feminist radar again. She has yet again proved that she will not conform to the ridiculous ideals and notions that the society has to offer in the name of values. During a recent discussion on Harvey Weinstein – The Inside Story, where the actress on the panel talking about her views along with Dia Mirza and documentarian Anand Patwardhan in Mumbai, she spoke about how the notion of shame is actually an obstacle to spot the wrong in the society.

She said, “One of the values we give to our children in the form of respect is the notion of shame. It is across caste, class, linguistic barriers, we all have deeply engraved notion of shame”.

She also added, “This is one of the biggest obstacles to recognise something wrong is happening to you, and to be able to call it out and to share it and come out without, and try and be a part of the movement to stop these things.” And we agree. The society has mastered the art of cornering and shutting down the voices of victims. Often, the fear of them being rejected looms large, worse still, victims are blamed for it.

She simply focused on one aspect that, “Shame is nothing, there is an integrity to our soul, even if our bodies are violated nobody can take our integrity from us. Your sense of sanctity does not lie in your body. My learning for every girl out there is – do not subscribe to this notion of shame.”

The concept of shame is deeply entrenched in our culture, as Swara points out. The heavy burden of the ‘honour’ or ‘name’ of the family is to be upheld by the women. And often, when women shun these silly notions, taking charge of their own sex life, they are labelled promiscuous or easy. Even in cases of rape, the women are blamed. From what they were wearing, to why they were out at that time, anything can be the reason for the rape. Anything but the men committing the act.

Dia Mirza, who was also a part of the discussion commented, “If it is making you uncomfortable, don’t do it. I think men are also equally responsible for understanding that. It baffles me how we have become what we are. The person you are with or want to be with, must desire you as you desire them – the learning is as simple as that.”

We for one are glad that this is conversation that’s finally happening and voices supporting women are getting stronger.


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