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Swara Bhaskar Opens Up About Calling A Child A Ch*****, Says It Was Said Jokingly. That’s What We’ve Been Saying All Along

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Do you know the phrase when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, when life serves Swara Bhaskar lemons she pours herself a tequila shot to go with them! She is bold, outspoken and fearless, (nope, we aren’t plugging her). Anyone who has been through her Twitter feed knows she is all those things. There aren’t many actresses in Bollywood I can say that about with such conviction! Probably that is why she gets unnecessarily trolled because she isn’t afraid to put her opinion out into the universe. But do you know what the best part is? She is so perfectly unaffected, it’s amazing.

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave all your life, you already know the sticky situation Swara has landed herself in. But just in case you don’t, let’s recap a little. A few days ago, she appeared as a guest on the show, Son of Abish a talk show hosted by famed comedian Abish Mathew. While she was candidly narrating an anecdote from her early days in the industry, she called a 4-year-old child actor a chutiya and kameena bacha. Of course, she didn’t mean it in any way other than a funny incident on the sets on a soap commercial. But, if you have lived in India long enough you know better than to verbally abuse children, or well, cows. As soon that clip hit the internet, Twitter went berserk. Among so many things, Swara was called out to be drunk and a hypocrite, the hashtag #SwaraAunty was actually trending. Netizens have never known to be forgiving, but this time they really over-reacted. All that was missing was Twitter controversy queen Rangoli Chandel’s comments!

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But like I said, most of you’ll already know this. What you’ll might not know is what the Veere Di Wedding star had to say about the issue. She was asked whether she thought the whole incident was blown out of proportion, to which she replied, “Of course it did! The whole controversy was clearly targeted and constructed. I’m not trying to justify swearing — those were undoubtedly an ill-advised choice of words, but they were not seriously used. It was said jokingly and self-deprecatingly. Comics do it all the time without anyone blinking an eyelid.” She isn’t wrong, if you have watched the video you know she said what she said in a very joking manner.

Justifying herself she went on to say, “The problem with these frivolous controversies, whose agenda is to generate fake outrage, is that sometimes while reporting them, the media plays into the hands of these people in terms of how the headlines are phrased. On this issue, most of the headlines scream — Swara Bhasker in trouble for abusing a four-year-old child. This is patently false. I did not abuse that or any child. It’s important for me to correct that and at least put out a factually accurate version and the full context of what happened.”

But unfortunately for her, this controversy is far from over since an NGO, Legal Rights Protection Forum, filed a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and demanded serious action against Swara.  Don’t get us wrong, in no way is abusing a child acceptable. But after watching the clip over and over again, I just don’t think she meant anything by it. She didn’t even say it to the child’s face, she just narrated it in such a manner while trying to be comical.

Do you know how many serious issues we as a country are facing? Climate change, gender bias, political instability and not to mention our economy is way down. Please explain to me why trollers who clearly have an abundance of time are wasting it talking about something that was so clearly a joke and not flooding Twitter talking about these very real problems we are facing? Come on guys, we can do better than this!

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