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Swara Bhaskar Asks Everyone To Leave Aside Political Differences During The Times Of Coronavirus And We Agree With Her

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Much before we were struck with the lightning bolt that has been this Coronavirus, our country was already up in flames of political angst and conflict because of the introduction of the Citizenship Amendment Act. The act created a kind of stir in the nation, that even in divided times, had the country united.

Fighting against the disparity subtly introduced by this act,  hundreds of men, women, students and even children took to the streets to demand a fairer course of action, and to claim their right to be called Indian, we saw citizens come together. From women fearlessly camping at Shaheen Bagh to students holding the fort in peaceful dissent in front of the Jamia Milia,  it seemed like the country was out on the streets ready to fight this war. Except, as we approached towards the deadly coronavirus the entire dynamic of the situation changed.

Urging protesters to move back home, to avoid getting caught in the wind of the covid-19 virus, as the streets cleared up, Bollywood actors Swara Bhaskar and Mohammed Zeeshan, who too had been fighting alongside the protesters, suggested the fellow citizens to recognise the need of the hour and self isolate.

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Talking about the shift in the narrative, Swara said, “As our government makes efforts to bring the situation under control- as responsible citizens we must do our bit and follow the prescribed restrictions. Every movement has to adapt into the reality of the moment. And at this moment it is important that we leave aside our political differences and do our bit for the safety of the country and the whole world.” And considering the severity of the virus crisis we presently are in, especially with the 21 day lockdown being announced by Prime Minister Modi, it only makes sense to tackle one problem at a time.

Posting on her social media account, Swara also wrote, “My appeal to ALL the sit-in protests in times of corona We are committed to the Constitution and we are committed to the values of the Constitution. At a time of global pandemic – as the Corona virus Covid-19 spreads all over India rapidly.. self quarantine, isolation and social distancing are the only ways to lessen the speed with which this virus spreads. As citizens it is our duty to isolate ourselves and social distance. In light of these developments- my appeal to the amazing Dadis of Shaheen Baugh and all the fiesty women and people of the sit-in protests across the country: Stand Up! Self isolate! Vacate the streets!”

To fight the bigger fight, it is imperative we stay alive and kicking, and quarantine during this highly contagious time, and it is the best way we can help save ourselves and this country we were so passionately fighting for.

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