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Sushmita Sen Talks About How She Told Her Daughter She Was Adopted And We Think It’s Awesome!

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Everyone in my family is fair. And we are not talking about their nature. They are fair-skinned humans. Except me. I am the dusk to their dawn. Even though I feel that dusky as a complexion looks lovely on me, my brother who was also kind of an ass, used to tease me time and again about how I was an adopted baby. You know, the usual elder brother kinda lies. But it probably never bothered me, mainly because I don’t take my brother seriously. But if there was a time that such a truth was to be revealed to me, I would want it done like Sushmita Sen. The actress told her daughters Renne and Alisah that they were adopted in the most lovely way and we think it’s wonderful.

Sushmita Sen won the title of Miss India and then further Miss Universe in 1994, at the young age of 18 and since then, she has been an inspiration to all of us. From being vocal about her aspirations, to not backing down and fighting to get what she has wanted, Sushmita Sen has been known to live on her own terms. And in a recent interview talked about how her daughter reacted to the news of her being adopted.

Sushmita shared how she broke the news to her through a game. “We played opposites, tall short, and all that. I then said adopted and biological. So Renee said ‘I’m adopted?’ I said yes, biological is boring. You are special, you’re born from the heart. And then she would tell everyone else, ‘You’re biological? You’re boring’. I’m so glad that it worked both times like magic.”

Sushmita also talked about how she wanted her daughters to be able to find out about their real parents once they turn 18. “I told her that I don’t know if they have names of biological parents in there, but that information is rightfully hers. I didn’t want to give her the wrong information and break her heart. She asked me, ‘Why do you want me to go and find out?’ I said, ‘I’m not saying go find out, I’m saying you have a right to know. She gave it a moment’s pause and said, ‘No, I don’t want to find out.'” And that was that.

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Sushmita Sen, six years after having won the Miss Universe title, became a single mother in the most unconventional ways, where she adopted her first daughter Renne after two years of legal struggle, because our country still wasn’t accepting of the fact that a  single woman with her background could raise a child.  But she proved everyone else wrong, by becoming an idol for all the mothers out there with the kind of love and care she showered her daughter with. Soon after she decided to adopt another girl child, only this time the legal struggle went on for nearly 10 years, but she kept at it and became a doting mother to baby girl Alisah, her IG a living testament to the same.

She had it very clear in her head from the start that she wanted to be a mother. Even her answer to the final round question of the Miss Universe pageant, “What is the essence of a woman?”, was answered with much conviction. At that point. Sushmita had said,  “Just being a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman. ”

And we are glad for women and great mothers like her, who don’t shy away from the kind of struggles that aren’t just important but worth the while.


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