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Sushmita Sen And Rohman Shawl Are Planning To Get Married This Winter. This Feels Like A Real-Life Fairytale!

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Sushmita Sen and boyfriend Rohman Shawl have been giving us relationship goals on Instagram. The way they work out together, go on fun vacays and how he spends time with her fam makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even Renee and Alisah seem to be very fond of Rohman; we can tell from their pictures that they have a blast together. I mean, we all want a guy like that, right? Who comes in to our lives, and fits in so perfectly, you don’t even remember what life was like without him. The right guy will not shuffle your life. He will not bring a hurricane. The right kind of love will bring peace and feel like it’s unfolding in the most natural way. You will feel like you’re free, and yet committed. And that’s the exact vibe we’ve been get ting from Sushmita Sen.

In fact, we’d all collectively agree that we’ve been wondering – why aren’t they tying the knot? Let’s admit, we are so invested in the lives of Bollywood celebs, that we almost feel like we have a say in their decisions. We don’t but one can dream, right? The entire nation went crazy when Deepika Padukone got married with bae Ranveer Singh. Nick Jonas earned the title of nation’s jiju. So of course, looking at how happy Sushmita and Rohman are, we just want them to marry! And this particular Vogue report is making us very happy, because turns out the couple may as well be on their way to marital bliss.


According to the report, Rohman has already popped the question and Sushmita has said yes! A source was quoted saying, “Rohman has already proposed to Sushmita and she has agreed, which is why she decided to go public with the relationship. They are currently figuring out when would be a good time to tie the knot, but as of now, the couple is looking at a date around winter 2019.” So the past two winters have been exciting since Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra got married. Now, we already have high hopes from this winter!

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We know her since 1994, when she won the title of Miss Universe. In the past 25 years that she has spent in the industry, we’ve seen her go through ups and downs. She has had her own share of relationships and breakups, made some very inspiring decisions and earned our never-ending respect for being a woman of substance. So, even though we don’t know her personally, we feel like we know her, because she has such an open heart. And because we do, we can tell that she is in such a good space, with her partner. You can see peace and happiness written all over her face. Honestly, as bad as it sounds, I am a little more excited for this wedding, than my cousin’s. Here’s hoping my cousin doesn’t read this.

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