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Sushant Singh Rajput And Rhea Chakraborty Are On A Secret Paris Vacation. Except, It’s Really Not A Secret Anymore

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Have you ever gone to some place and been discreet about it? Maybe you didn’t want your parents to know, or you probably didn’t want your boss to find out that you don’t really have diarrhoea. In fact, even if all that is cool, sometimes, we don’t want to tell the world about our relationship, just yet. So, we hold ourselves back from anything that can remotely give it away. So either Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty are really bad at keeping it under wraps or they are actually too smart and messing with us!

So here’s what happened. Both Sushant and Rhea uploaded their individual pictures from Paris on Instagram, except there’s no mention of each other on their post. I mean… really, the world is obviously going to pick on it and wildly speculate. So what were they thinking?

Sushant, shared a video of him excitedly entering Disneyland, with the caption: “Mickey in Disneyland! #livingMyDreams #lovingMyDreams.” Also, since someone else was shooting him, we are going to make an educated guess that it was Rhea! The video was kinda cute though with Rajput goofing around like a kiddo. I would actually do pretty much the same if I were to go to Disneyland. I mean, come on selling my kidney should be worth it.

Now Rhea wasn’t in the post, neither did he give her video credit. But we stalked her and realised that she too, was in Paris. She posted pictures of her from the trip, and some really cute ones at that. Rhea seemed to have been in a romantic mood throughout the trip and why not, it’s Paris, baby! She posed against some tourist attractions in the city, including the Eiffel Tower and penned down some poems for the caption. For one of the pictures, she wrote: “If up was down, North was south, If the tress were blue, And the water green, If you were me, And I was you, Would you still love me? The way I do ……”

This is not the first time the couple has been fooling us…or rather trying to! They had gone to Ladakh and posted pictures from the same location, except not together. Sushant Singh Rajput gifted her a platinum pendant on her birthday, which she was seen wearing on several occasions. Really, these guys are so cute and we need to see more of them!

When asked about their rumoured relationship, Sushant Singh Rajput had given cryptic answers. He said, “Right now, it’s not right to say. People shouldn’t start talking about things in a nascent stage as if they are very sure of it. Why to do that?”

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On the work front, Sushant Singh Rajput’s Chhichhore has been doing really well at the box office. He also has Netflix’s Drive alongside Jacqueline Fernandez in the pipeline.

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