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Surveen Chawla Revealed Shooting For Sacred Games 2 During Her Pregnancy Wasn’t Easy. She’s Such A Star

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I’d go out on a limb and say that a lot of us get mood swings and for the most part, we don’t even know how cranky or irritable we are getting. Especially, when our hormones are messing things up – you could be PMSing, having birth control side-effects or be preggers. There’s really no one single reason why our hormones end up acting so bitchy, but when they do, everything and anything can end up making you feel like crap. Now, I am talking like it’s a novel discovery. Of course, it’s not. But what still baffles me is that I am never able to understand if I am just PMSing or if it’s actually something worth getting pissed off about. Sure, if my bae even tries to blame it on my hormones, I will be mad about that too. But deep down, and I hope he is not reading this, I wonder if that’s true! Anyway, I am still clueless about that but I think we can all pat ourselves for working through that PMS and hormone reflux! So when Surveen Chawla spoke about working on Sacred Games while being pregnant, I was like wow, this woman. Now if we get so cranky just when we are PMSing, imagine the kind of mood swings you’d get when you’re pregnant. Add to that the frequent pee breaks, the extra weight from the baby, the food cravings. Pregnant women should be applauded for getting out of bed, methinks.

Surveen Chawla revealed that working on a crime-thriller series like Sacred Games wasn’t easy, especially because she was preggers. Her character, Jojo is a headstrong woman who doesn’t fear Gaitonde. “It was difficult to play Jojo at a time when I was pregnant. You are trying to find an end to your emotions and you don’t have it. It is not the best place to be in when you are pregnant. I wanted to sometimes just run away from it,” she told PTI. Surveen also revealed that character is damaged to the core, so it’s a very dark place to be when you’re expecting a child.

For those who can’t quite recollect, her character was revealed in the first shot of the first season, but it wasn’t really explored in the subsequent episodes. However, it seems like season 2 promises to tell the backstory of Jojo.

While I appreciate the hard work and dedication she gave the show, I feel it applies to women in any profession whatsoever. Our society – online and offline – is super prompt at pulling people down and trolling them, but so thrifty at applauding the good. So if you’ve overcome a struggle to get to your goals, give yourself a pat on the back!

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Sacred Games is based on Vikram Chandra’s novel by the same name and the second season will go up on August 15.

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