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Sunny Leone Reacts To Topping A Merit List And We Are All Amused

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I like to think that I have a unique, a different name. Of course I’ve met someone with the exact same name, and to some weird co-incidence, we did share the same birth date too, but it was just that. Sunny Leone on the other hand, doesn’t just share her name, but also her talent of topping the charts and emerging a winner, in different fields. Including one that she perhaps didn’t see coming!

We are talking about Sunny Leone’s namesake Sunny Leone, who has made it to the provisional merit list for Bihar’s Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) and left us all, including the Bollywood actress amused.

According to the official website for PHED, the merit list for recruitment of Junior civil engineer was topped by the 27-year-old daughter of Leona Leone with a  98.50 points. This has amused Sunny Leone (the one from B-town) who put her funny foot forward and tweeted this.

Bihar PHED officials weren’t as amused. Or amused at all, actually. The department commented on how it seems like a prank considering there were applicants in the list with father names like ‘Om Puri’ and ‘mggvghhnnnn’ , and are keen on finding out who the prank-pulling culprit was.

Meanwhile, Sunny seems to be enjoying her namesake doing so well and doesn’t mind the harmless mischief, neither do we.


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