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Suhana Khan Shares The Hate Comments That She Receives Because Of Her Complexion. Why Does Our Skin Colour Define Us?

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Being a dark-skinned girl in a country obsessed with fair skin is not easy. You are made to feel ugly, inferior and incredibly insecure. Since childhood, I’ve had people feeding me tips and tricks to lighten and brighten my skin. No one seems to believe me when I say I love my brown skin. Am I not supposed to because people in this country are extremely prejudiced? This is exactly what Suhana Khan is talking about in her latest Instagram post. She shared all the hate comments she has received because of her dark skin tone and sadly, I can relate to her. The truth is, colourism exists all around us. And it’s high time we dispel the stigma and promote self-love. 

I grew up in a society that continuously picked on my skin colour and made me feel like I was inadequate because my skin colour wasn’t the right shade of white. I don’t know why a country whose people are predominantly brown-skinned is so obsessed with fair skin but it’s unfair and shameful. Thankfully, the conversation surrounding colourism and unrealistic beauty standards is picking up. And I am especially glad that young minds like Suhana Khan are participating. Her strongly-worded message is relatable and on point. 

She took to Instagram just yesterday to share screenshots of hate comments that she received because of her dark skin. Adding translations for the benefit of her non-Hindi speaking followers, in the comments she shared, people called her things like “kali chudail” and “Kaali Billi”. They have also implied that she got surgery done to lighten her skin tone because she was always, “kaali”. This is extremely disheartening. I’m sorry but why is the word “kaali” thrown at her and all dark-skinned people like it’s some kind of insult? It’s so messed up. Also, netizens, stop dropping hate comments on social media. It’s tacky, unsolicited and it propagates everything we are striving to negate. 

In the caption that accompanied these screenshots, Suhana said that she had been called “ugly” ever since she was 12-years-old because of her skin colour. She also talks about how because we are Indian, we are all brown by default and there is no hiding from that. 

What Suhana Khan said

Suhana’s caption read, “There’s a lot going on right now and this is one of the issues we need to fix!! this isn’t just about me, it’s about every young girl/boy who has grown up feeling inferior for absolutely no reason. Here are just a few of the comments made about my appearance. I’ve been told I’m ugly because of my skin tone, by full-grown men and women, since I was 12 years old. Other than the fact that these are actual adults, what’s sad is that we are all Indian, which automatically makes us brown – yes we come in different shades but no matter how much you try to distance yourself from the melanin, you just can’t. Hating on your own people just means that you are painfully insecure. I’m sorry if social media, Indian matchmaking or even your own families have convinced you, that if you’re not 5″7 and fair you’re not beautiful. I hope it helps to know that I’m 5″3 and brown and I am extremely happy about it and you should be too. #endcolourism” 

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 We absolutely love Suhana Khan for using her social media to spread a good and strong message that people need to be focusing on. All women are pressured to meet unrealistic body and beauty goals. But dark-skinned women have it worse. Society has only considered fair, thin and tall girls beautiful. They have been conditioned to believe that anything other than this is an anomaly and must be corrected. And this concept that needs to be busted and fixed. We can’t be defined by our skin colour. Not anymore. 

Suhana Khan’s message is for all the young girls who feel inferior and insecure because they are continuously told to use fairness creams and run haldi paste on their skin. This obsession that India has with fair skin needs to end. The good though, is that the conversation is finally changing. 

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