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Japleen’s Portable Charger Is Not Your Basic One

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Currently, my wishlist is pretty long — a new pair of jeans, a pair of pom-pom sandals, a cat stapler, and loads of sushi. But what I need is a portable charger. So far, I have successfully survived without one, despite the death glares I get from my mom and friends when my phone is perpetually off. I am not even exaggerating — my phone is already at some 10% before I even reach office.

Then starts the process of finding a charger, because I keep losing them. My colleagues are sweet so they do give me their lifeline, their chargers, but I know it’s forced. So now I have to take care of my self respect and find a charger that a) I will never dare to lose and b) is as unique as I am.


While searching on the net for one, I came across 2 that were just too cute to handle. A pizza one and this poop emoji. Though pizza is bae, this won hands down. I mean, do you think I will ever misplace it? Sugarbox killed it with this amazing stroke of creativity and made me hit ‘buy now’ instantly. And since Valentine’s Day is right here, this will be the perfect gift for myself, showing everyone just how much I care for this day. *evil grin*

Never has poop looked so adorable and though you may term it as childish, secretly you cannot wait to purchase it either. I just know it. If not anything else, rest assured people are henceforth going to ask you for a charger! Also, if this creeps you out, you can check out one of these and make sure your phone never runs out of battery.

SHOP NOW: Sugarbox Poop Power Bank (Rs 2,400)


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