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Straight Couple In A Gay World? Watch This Video To Know What Happens!

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It’s Pride month, and everyone the world over is coming out (pun intended) in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and we couldn’t be happier! But we’ve got to admit; while the world is slowly accepting all kinds of love and sexuality, Indian society is still not quite there yet.

For some, having gay people in their circles is all about novelty and looking cool *rolls eyes hard*, while for others (read: the aunty next door) it’s still blasphemy and a condition to be cured! All in all, LGBTQ+ people have it real hard from most of the straight folks! But what if the tables were turned?

We reimagined a different scenario in which a straight couple lived in a gay world. Sounds bizarre? Well, here’s what that would look like.

Watch this video, and hopefully you’ll get the hint.


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