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Srishti Srivastava Of Gulabo Sitabo Fame Opens Up About Being Asked To “Compromise” For An Ad Audition. Wow, This Never Stops.

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I think for a long time we saw Bollywood through rose-coloured glasses. In reality, it is an extremely testosterone-fueled environment filled with men who think they can get away with anything and everything. We have heard from more and more actresses about the horrors of the casting couch and how unfairly women are treated in the entertainment industry in general. We have stories where the director, producer and even co-stars have crossed boundaries and taken advantage of actresses, promising them jobs, roles, fame and what not. And over the years, it might have improved significantly but that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t still happen. 

In a recent interview with Quint, actress Srishti Srivastava who starred in Gulabo Sitabo opened up about her encounter with the casting couch. She said that back when she would give 5 or 6 auditions a day, she has experienced some horrid things. Srishti said that she would get Facebook messages asking her to “compromise” to land a role. 

In the interview, she said, “Some people are really messed up I am telling you. I have got messages on Facebook saying is cheez ka ad ka audition hai, are you ready to compromise.” She further added, “I used to be so scared, I used to block that person off but abhi recent past mein nahi hua hai. Hoga toh police mein jaaega.”  

I don’t get it, what kind of people think it’s okay to ask a woman if she ready to compromise? Hiring women for roles without asking them to sleep with someone doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do, does it? Sometimes I think about all the women who have been forced into this because otherwise, no one would give them work at all. And I think Shristi has taken an excellent call by decided to call the police the next time something like this happens.  

If you are thinking that this is the only problem that actresses have to go through, you are way off. Not only do they have to continuously ward off lecherous men who are trying to take advantage of them, but they also have a great deal of pressure to look a certain way. And this is a serious problem because this means that they have to fit into the conventional beauty standards or it hampers the work that they get. Is it derogatory and vile? Yes, but it’s the reality. 

Talking about this in the interview, Srishti shared her own experience where at an audition she wasn’t selected because she did not look model-like. She said, “There were some auditions where I had been shortlisted. Like this audition for an ad and I went there, but I hadn’t dressed up. The guy comes out and he says, “what are you doing here?” so I tell him I have been shortlisted for this. He says, “no, you can’t do this,” So, I asked him why and he said, “No no, you have to look like a Model.”  

Working in Bollywood is such a popular ambition that people often forget the outrageous strings that come with it.

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Srishti has come a long way ever since starring in Girlyapa on TVF and doing theatre. In the interview, she also talks about her long 4 and half year arduous journey. She was earlier praised for her small role in Gully Boy. However, right now is she riding high after her latest movie Gulabo Sitabo that went straight to Netflix due to the pandemic, has been declared a hit. 

The two protagonists of the movie, Mirza and Baankey, are played by Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana. However, the women in the movie have also garnered a lot of acclaim. Srishti portrays the character of Guddu, Baankey’s sister. She is fearless, independent and has really emerged as one of everyone’s favourite characters from the movie. 

We are so excited to see what Srishti comes up with next and hope she will call out the people if they dare to ask for a ‘compromise’ again. 

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