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Sreedevi, A 16-Year-Old From A Tribe In Tamil Nadu, Scored 95% In 10th Boards Overcoming Many Hurdles. She’s A Star!

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I remember when I was still in school, the pressure was high and a lot depended on how well I did in my board exams. Or at least that’s what my parents told me then. And though I had always been kind of a nerd, with my nose forever buried in books, having to concentrate on getting great marks at the age of 16 and 17 still felt like a challenge.  But that wasn’t the case with the sixteen-year-old C Sreedevi from a tribal settlement in Annamalai Tiger Reserve, who proved to us that focus and a will to achieve is all you need to achieve your goals.

Hailing from the tribal settlement in Annamalai Tiger Reserve, Sreedevi became the first in her entire community to clear her 10th class board exams with a whopping 95 percent. And it’s a benchmark for other children in her tribe to look up to.

Sreedevi belongs to the Poochukottamparai tribal settlement in Tiruppur District, on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, where even the simple supply of power or getting network is a struggle.  She had to work extra hard to keep up with her studies. A month ago, the Kerala government decided to help out and had arranged a special bus to help her reach the exam centre and it paid off pretty well in her case.

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Sreedevi said, “I can hardly believe I have scored A-plus grades – more than 95% – in my Class X examination.”

From writing her exams alone in a room to quarantining herself after every exam, it wasn’t a bed of roses for Sreedevi. But she did not let anything deter her. Not even the pandemic and the lockdown, in light of which she often had to go on foot or her father’s bike for several kilometres before she could reach the border. Her father shared, “I am really proud that my daughter has scored good marks at examinations. Let people say whatever they want, I will ensure she continues her studies further. We don’t want to hide our children within our settlement and restrict them from scaling professional heights.”

And if only all fathers had the mentality as Sreedevi’s father who wants her to continue her studies no matter what, the world would be a much better place for all women. Meanwhile, the vice-president of the Tamil Nadu tribal association not only promised to help her with everything she needs to continue her studies, but also said, “Amid stiff opposition, Chellamuthu took a brave decision to educate his daughter.. and the girl used the opportunity wisely. Taking her as an inspiration, we hope many villagers would come forward to educate their children.” We sure do hope the same.

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