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These Cute, Squishy Stress Balls Will Get You Through Crazy Mondays!

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Ever felt so frustrated that you wanted to punch a wall, take a cigarette break or binge on junk food? Well, that’s all of us at some point. Of course, none of those reactions is going to do you any good, so you might as well try what I’ve found to be super effective – squishy stress balls!

Stress balls are the perfect way to relieve stress, and it doesn’t hurt to have one that’s super cute! Take a look at the cutest stress balls ever and pick one you can unleash all that frustration on!

Asos Unicorn Stress Ball (Rs 468)

Banggood Squishy Pineapple Stress Reliever Ball (Rs 409)

Baradu Scented Donut Squishy Bread (Rs 499)

Banggood Anti-Stress Doll Squeeze (Rs 292)

New Chic Shark Squishy Stress Reliever (Rs 225)

Party Propz Anti Stress Venting Ball (Rs 399)

New Chic Mochi Cat Kitten Squishy (Rs 221)


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