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#SpreadPositivity: This British Family Made A Makeshift Beach In Their Backyard. How Cool Is This?

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Who would’ve thought that the year 2020 was going to be the year that humans trade places with zoo animals? The only difference is that animals don’t pay money to come to watch us Netflixing. TBH, I wouldn’t pay to watch me Netflixing either. Okay, all jokes aside none of us want to be locked at home but what choice do we have? It’s either this or let our country fall down the rabbit hole like the USA has.

It’s the beginning of summer and at least I was hoping I would be able to spend the summer like I spend all my summers, by living my life. There is no going to the theatre now or going to the bar for a few drinks or even going to the beach to soak in some Vitamin D. Now, the only way to get that is to spend an hour on your terrace and let me tell you, it’s not the same.

However, the coronavirus that is holding us back doesn’t seem to be affecting this British family that is devouring themselves in beachy fun. They have found the perfect way to spend their lockdown period and I have to say, I am a little jealous.

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This family from Bristol had the brilliant idea of creating a makeshift beach in their backyard after they found sand in their garage. This genius idea was the brainchild of 22-year-old Amy Woollon after her father Andrew Woollon discovered the sand.

They created the beach with half a ton of sand and a paddling pool to fill in for the sea. They also decorated their backyard and gave it a beachy vibe. They named their beach “Woollon Combe”, smart huh?

But what brought everything together was the fact that they dressed in beach attire with tropical print shirts, sunglasses, garlands, hats and sat on lawn chairs.

The video of them spending a day on their backyard beach is doing the rounds of social media. I love how they seem to be chilling on the beach and sipping on cocktails while also jumping into the “sea”. Once you watch the video, you will know why I am so jealous. They have a backyard beach to save them from the boredom of this lockdown while I don’t even have a backyard.

The Woollon family is not the first to come up with such a great idea to kill time while isolating. Earlier, we had spoken about an Australian family that recreated their cancelled vacation to Europe starting with a 15-hour flight.

Just reading about these stories makes me so happy. I wonder if I should convince my family to recreate a trip or something, wouldn’t that be so fun?

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