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#SpreadPositivity: 11 Patients Grooved To Punjabi Music In A Coronavirus Isolation Ward. This Will Cheer You Up

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Every morning I wake up hoping that the lockdown, the coronavirus and all the chaos in the world is just a bad dream. But I am disappointed every morning when I realise it’s not and that I really have to stay put inside my house. I am the polar opposite of a home body and never in my 23 years would I have thought of staying at home as a task.

Even though this lockdown has taken a major toll on most of us, it has become increasingly essential to remain positive, united and help out in this war as much as we can. In fact, just by staying at home, we are doing more than we realise. So, let’s work on staying positive and spreading as much joy and cheer around as we can.

If you are struggling to do that (it’s okay, it’s a horrible time) we have a video for you that will make your heart melt. It’s a video of 12 coronavirus patients grooving to a Punjabi song and keeping themselves happy and upbeat by clapping and doing bhangra.

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This video was filmed by a coronavirus patient in the isolation ward of the Jalandhar Civil Hospital and it features 11 of his co-patients dancing to Punjabi tunes. In the video you can see the patients sitting on their beds, wearing masks and just enjoying themselves.

The reason I love this video so much is because when I think of what the patients must be going through, I think of them being sick and upset. But this viral video gives me a certain kind of hope that if the patients are happy then we have nothing to worry about or even be so negative about.

Senior medical officer Kashmiri Lal at Jalandhar civil hospital said “All of the patients maintained social distancing. They did not gather or dance to the song.”

Kashmiri Lal also informed that a television set has been installed in every isolation ward and that the patients are being continuously counselled. They are being told they have nothing to worry about and that they will get better soon.

This video is incredibly heartwarming since it shows this pandemic is a whole new perspective. These patients prove that negativity never solves anything.

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